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Fanfic: [Naruto] Mature, NaruSakuSasu, "Pants 'Verse"

Title: “Pants 'Verse”
Author: EOS_joy
Rating: Mature (NC-17?)
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing/Ship(s): Naruto/Sakura/Sasuke
Summary: Sakura's hip bones were distracting him every time she moved (breathed) and Sasuke was starting to take it personally. ...Naruto and Sakura are ready to move forward - and Sasuke just might be too.
Spoilers: None that I see.
Warnings: Cursing, Graphic depiction of sex
Word Count: 20,300 (or so)
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, or any characters, plots, etc. associated therein. Kishimoto-sensei created them and is good enough to share them with the rest of us.

“Pants 'Verse”

Gaila Not the Enemy

Fic: To Bring Home the Light (ST:XI, Sulu/Chekov/Gaila, R)

Title: To Bring Home the Light
Author: katmarajade
Fandom: ST:XI
Pairing: Sulu/Chekov/Gaila
Rating: R
Word Count: 567
Disclaimer: I do not own any of them, alas.
Summary: Hikaru's his light. Gaila's his warmth. It's Pavel's job to make sure they come home.
Notes: Written for rubynye as part of my personal holiday drabble series.

The light after a period of darkness always seems brightest. It's relative, of course. But that's how it is for Pavel every time they go away.

smut_fest sign-ups

smut_fest is having our third round of smutty original fiction exchanges, and this time our theme is folklore. Any type is cool; we like giving our participants a really big sandbox to play in. (We're very excited about seeing all sorts of folklore represented, too, so don't feel shy if the type of folklore you like isn't something that very many people write.)

The reason we're posting here is that it seems like the sign-ups this go around are gearing more toward threesome/poly, and this is something that us mods are very excited to see! We're huge fans of poly, and would look forward to seeing more people who are interested in writing poly sign up. And we're not picky about the configuration, either: m/m/m, m/m/f, m/f/f, f/f/f, m/m/f/f... everything that you can dream up is a hundred percent okay with us as long as it falls within the realm of what your giftee requested.

Go ahead and check out our sign-up page if this seems like a cool idea to you, or better yet, check out the people who've signed up already!

If you want, you can check out our tags page for past rounds and read some of the fic posted. I'm pretty sure none of it is poly (more's the pity) but it will give you an idea of the talent of the writers that we have signing up every round!
[Star Trek] Jim - eyes

im's Horrible, No Good... Not So Very Bad Day (STXI, Spock/Jim/Bones, R)

Title: Jim's Horrible, No Good... Not So Very Bad Day
Author: heeroluva
Fandom: Star TrekXI
Rating: R
Pairing: Spock/Jim/Bones
Word count: 1373
Contains: fluff, WAFF, polyamory
Disclaimer I don't own them. I just like to play with them.
Summary: Prompt - Everything has gone wrong in Jim's day, everything except this.
Notes: Written for [info]1lostone for [info]nutrekexchange. Also for a [community profile] kink_bingo square: orgies and decadence. All mistakes are mine. Feel free to let me know if you see any. As always feedback is appreciated.
[Star Trek] Mirror Spock

Fic: In the Stars (I Will Rewrite Our Destiny) (Star Trek XI, Kirk/Mirror!Spock, Kirk/McCoy, NC-17)

Title: In the Stars (I Will Rewrite Our Destiny)
Author: heeroluva
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairings: Mirror!Spock/Kirk, McCoy/Kirk
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 15048
Contains: Mirror!Verse (stuff that’s talked about but doesn’t actually take place… oc character deaths, slavery, and general noncon stuff), polyamory, BDSM, impact play (caning and strapping), sex toys, slight asphyxiation, short watersports fantasy, nipple play, dirty talk, rimming, biting, scratching, rough sex, mention of enemas, voyeurism, exhibitionism
Disclaimer: I don't own them. I just like to play with them.
Summary: Mirror!verse and Reboot!verse are both BDSM universes, but have very different takes on it. When Mirror!Spock finds himself stranded in an alternate universe, he’s shocked by the dissimilarity. In Kirk, can Spock to find the relationship he’s always wanted but could never have in his own universe? What will this do to the relationship between Kirk and McCoy?
Notes: Written in response to birddi’s art for trekreversebang. Many thanks to meteorfire and jademac2442 for the awesome (and last minute) beta jobs. You’re both amazing! Also many thanks to everyone that I’ve annoyed throughout this process (karmic_fic, teleens_journal, whiteraven1606, emmypenny, akuchan_47, nightshadow_t2). If I annoyed you, but didn’t list you, let me know, and I’ll add you. ;) Also for a [community profile] kink_bingo square: bites/bruises. All mistakes are mine. Feel free to let me know if you see any. As always feedback is appreciated.

All of the ART in the fic is by birddi.

Part 1 | Part 2
foursome naptime

Fortune Comes in Threes — The Social Network — Mark/Eduardo/OFC — R

Title: Fortune Comes in Threes
Author: abi z. / azephirin
Fandom: The Social Network
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo/OFC
Summary: Three's my lucky number, and fortune comes in threes.
Rating: R
Word count: ~1075
Disclaimer: To the extent that any of these characters are real people, this story depicts them as they are fictitiously portrayed in Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher's RPF 'verse movie The Social Network.

( fortune comes in threes )
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johnny weir

Group Four — Star Trek: XI — Kirk/Spock/Uhura; McCoy/OFC; Pike/Number One — R

Title: Group Four
Author: abi z. / azephirin
Fandom: Star Trek: XI
Pairings/Characters: Kirk/Spock/Uhura, Pike/Number One, McCoy/OFC, Winona Kirk
Summary: A world in myself, ready to sing.
Rating: R
Spoilers: For the movie.
Word count: 700
Warnings: Consensual sexual power play. References to canon-level violence.
Disclaimer: Not mine, which makes me sadder than you can possibly imagine.
Author's note: More from the Ghosts 'verse.

( 'Til daylight sends me home, flickering I roam. )
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woman -- archer

Crossover Ficlets — Black Jewels Trilogy, The Dark Knight, Inception, Iron Man, Star Trek XI, Star Wars, SPN, West Wing — NC-17

Author: azephirin / abi z.
Fandoms: Black Jewels Trilogy, The Dark Knight, Inception, Iron Man, Star Trek XI, Star Wars, Supernatural, West Wing
Pairings: Josh/Donna, Kirk/McCoy/Eames, Lando/Sam, Mal/Rachel Dawes, Surreal/Girl!Spock, Tony/Pepper
Characters: Lando Calrissian, Rachel Dawes, Eames, Gaila, Girl!Spock, Jim Kirk, Josh Lyman, Mal, Leonard McCoy, Donna Moss, Leia Organa, Tony Stark, Nyota Uhura, Sam Winchester, Surreal SaDiablo
Summary: Assorted ficlets with bonus angst, porn, and crackaliciousness, sometimes all at once.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~3200
Spoilers: The Dark Knight, Inception, Iron Man II
Disclaimer: These characters are the intellectual property of various authors, creators, producers, and corporate copyright holders, none of which are me.

( various and assorted )
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